Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lake swimming!

A mad rush to blog before I get everything together and relax for the evening for my fav; Mad Men!

A fun time in NH visiting family this past week with golf and swimming as our source of fun! Here is a picture of Lake Horace in New Hampshire. This is a small little lake not far north in NH at all. A great little lake for boating, kayaking, swimming and fishing. We live on the coast and swim in the ocean and pools so lake water is a refreshing experience.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Penabscot Bay

Just downloaded some of my pictures and so far very pleased! Remember how I said I wasn't too savvy with pictures and blogging? I just need to learn how to post picture with copy underneath! I'll get there bloggers, I will!
We took a boat out in the Bay around the many little islands in the region, some with very, very, very, private and expensive resort homes, as well those home to moose only!!!!!! It was a beautiful day and lovely scenery! Above is Breakwater Lighthouse that we could walk to everyday from the resort. I was happy to get this view in the water from the other side! And this is Owl's Head Lighthouse on Owl's Head Island. The kids enjoyed climbing this one.

I'm off to New Hampshire for a few days visiting and may not be posting. I hope to add more pictures later. Enjoy the week!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Samoset Golf Resort, Maine

This is where we stayed. Samoset Resort is located on the water in the Penobscot Bay region which is located in the Camden-Rockport area of Maine.

Although we didn't experience the usual late summer, balmy, upper New England weather, it was still a fabulously hot, hot, hot, week. Temperature and humidity not seen in the area in years! Well, how lucky for us as we enjoyed swimming in this pool and the poolside service offering us frozen drinks while listening to some very "fab" music, and taking in this gorgeous view! Relaxing, indeed, is all one can do when you have a view like that from your lounge chair!

Our room had beautiful views with a large deck overlooking the golf course as well. Mr. Boston did his golf time and we also went out as a family late in the day a few times. This place is truly a golfer's paradise. The deep blue color against the greens was breathtaking! Ok, so I didn't golf as well as I would have liked. I'll just blame it on being distracted from my surroundings! (hah!) My little baseball guy was driving farther than me on a few holes! What?!!!! I just couldn't pay attention!
This well-known resort dates back to the late 18oo's and was sold to the Poland Spring owners. It soon became the premiere coastal resort in Maine. Fact: it was renamed "Samoset" after the Native Indian; Pemaquid Chief, one of the first to greet the first Pilgrims off the Mayflower. Over the years, ownership passed frquently and in time the "grand" became old and unkept. It was destroyed in a fire in 1970 only to be rebuilt later and in time with an 18 hole championship golf course. The lobby of the hotel displayed beautiful old photographs of vacationers from the 1800's. Women in long skirts with big straw hats and men in suits paraded the grounds, played croquet and enjoyed the same breathtaking views as we did last week! That gave me the goosebumps!
We truly enjoyed our time at this resort. More to come about our adventures in the area.

Vera Bradley on Rue LaLa!

Starts tomorrow at ruelala.

Back from vacation and facing a day of laundry, the remains of unpacking, children's dentist appointments and grocery shopping! Augh!

We had a wonderful time and I need to get my pictures downloaded for a post this week.

I also am thinking about a "New England" giveaway when I reach 100 followers. I'm almost there, so join in following Preppyinnewengland if you haven't done so yet!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Having a great time in Maine!

This is a quick post! I'll download my pictures next week when I return, but in the meantime, you can get a peek of what we are enjoying up here from other photos I just saved!
Yes, weather has been sooo hot, unusual this far up in Maine, but no complaints here!!!!
Everything has been just perfect!

Monday, August 17, 2009 we come!

We are off to Maine for a week staying in Camden-Rockport!

I think it is going to be a scorcher weather-wise. We plan to golf, bike ride, swim, and lot's of other fun things!
I hope to do a post or two throughout the week!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Good Part of My Summer-Part 2!

My Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween tried a Summer Softball Travel league for the first time. She had such fun learning the game, becoming stronger, sharing laughs and silly times with friends. Competitive, yes. Did they do well? Heck no! Did they care? Well, yes, because the girls' tried and gave it their all, but in the end, it was all about putting on a uniform, getting out there with friends and just playing a summer-time game and having a good time! I am so proud she did this and kept it all in stride.
Now basketball is a different story for her. This is her passion. Practicing in the driveway with her Dad, and participating in summer camps was a highlight this summer. She loves it. Watching her dribble and do lay-ups in the driveway every day is a fav past-time for me. I marvel at her ability and determination.
I love how girl's have so many sporting opportunities today; from simple programs offered through town recreation dept.'s to organized clinics. It encourages the girls to become more confident in themselves, have better eating habits and organizational skills, better self esteem and have fun sharing a sport with their friends.
Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween also loves the piano. No, a Lilly pink piano just won't work in our home!! (hee-hee!). Begging her to practice, I never have. This is a creative outlet. She truly enjoys playing every day and expresses that to us. Neither myself or Mr. Boston are musically inclined, so when we started her with lessons, it was assumed to be short-lived. Surprise, surprise. And...well now it has reached a different level of instruction (and of course, a more costly one!). Oh well, we just can't refuse musical instruction if there is great interest, and so we just have to do without some other wants!
So there you have it, softball practice and games, basketball camp and weekly piano lessons for Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween's summer.
Part 3 to be posted shortly, but I'm getting ready for next week's vacation in Maine.
I'm also thinking about my first giveaway when I reach 100 followers...hint, hint, hint!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Good Part of My Summer!-Part 1

I realized I haven't posted much about my family on my blog which truly was not intentional. I have so enjoyed blogging about the fun, preppy items I have or fun items I have discovered, but I also wanted to use this blog to share some of my family's adventures. So, I decided I need to mix this blog up a bit! A little variety, know!

So why not start with the activities that have consumed most of my summer (part 1)! No, not the Boston Red Sox, but my little baseball guy's Summer Travel Baseball season. Due to the rainy weather early on, games and practices had been cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled and rescheduled again. Crazy, crazy times! I soon became this Mother pulling by little baseball guy early from the beach or play only to say, "you need to rest before the game"! What?!!!
Very light meals were prepared "before the game"and "after the game" soon became sub and pizza nights! What?!!! Big wins or good games became rewarded with ice cream! What?!!! I couldn't treat my little little guy to ice cream just because the team lost?....Just kidding!

I really have to say, despite all the running around, schedule changes, carpooling, not the best of meals on game days, my little guy's passion for baseball is precious to me! I will always cherish the memories of watching him out the window while he was deep in thought of "pretending" to be a major league baseball player in our back yard. Watching him practice swinging with the bat and checking out his muscles is priceless, watching him throw balls in the air to catch or run and dive and roll in the grass throwing his arm up with the ball inside the glove and the biggest smile on his face is priceless, hearing him talk to himself calling out as if he was an umpire is priceless. Many times I joined him, batting the ball so he could run and catch, or go for grounders. Hmph! I must have been pretty good because he would ask me to play! Many days, a friend would come to play and they would practice. Mr. Boston would take him to the town field and batting cages to practice.

The games were exciting and fun as well as heartbreaking at times. These little boys tried so hard. They were very good, some better than others, but they held it together as a team, did well and had fun. My little baseball guy learned a lot; from his Dad, his coaches, his teammates.
Oh who knows, maybe he learned something from me throughout all of this too! I need just a smidgen of credit since I did all the driving!!!!!

But most important, my little baseball guy was laughing in that dugout, goofing with his buddies but "no nonsense" out in that field! My little baseball guy was helpful and responsible; making sure his uniform was always ready, making sure his bat bag was together and he had enough water! He was always ready to go to practice or a game, never complaining, never tiring of baseball. The season ended with a loss to the #1 team in the league in playoffs.
That's ok, my baseball guy's season ended as a better player, a smarter player, a happy player to have shared this with his family, a player who wants to come back to the field next summer...ready!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Sand Snowflakes!

Inspired by building sandcastles with her children, this Cape Cod artist, Kellie Quinn, recognized that no grain of sand is the same, much like that of a snowflake. And so, the idea of a sand snowflake came alive as an ornament.
And indeed it is a special one. These sand snowflakes are wonderful momentos of your time on Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard or any other New England beaches. Not to worry if you have never been here. Many sand snowflakes from other beaches worldwide are also available.
A very sentimental gift and in such a cute package!
-A New England find!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Discount at Up My Sleeve Boutique!

I am very excited to tell you that Sarah over at the lovely Etsy site; Up My Sleeve Boutique is generously offering Preppyinnewengland followers a
20% discount off total purchase before shipping now until Labor Day!!!

These basket handbags are just beautiful!
Inspired by the natural settings of the Massachusetts North Shore beaches, Cape Cod and Nantucket, Sarah embellishes the basket top with handpainted shells, starfish, cute bows and baby pearls, and such pretty, pretty monograms . All so lovely!

There are also little girl's baskets that are so unbelievably adorable. One, in particular, was featured with the Nantucket Starfish dress from The Trendy Tot; a New England boutique I posted about earlier. So precious!

So, I have read many blogs that are looking for stunning and different bridesmaids, MOB or flower girl gifts, well here is your New England source...and at 20% off! (note: discount does not apply to sample sale items).

Simply let me know you are a follower!...Send your friends my way!
Then, head on over to Up My Sleeve Boutique and let Sarah know you are a Preppyinnewengland follower too!
- Do enjoy this lovely New England find!