Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WOW! 20% off those bangles I just posted!

I posted about these bangles earlier today. Just checked my mail and discovered this offer!

New Bangles from A. Tierney

These are adorable...just had to post!

Back to School... Back to Blogging!

Hello my blogger friends. I have not posted in several days. Enjoyed the last weekend of summer doing a "last hoorah" at the beach and a New England amusement park;
A glorious day only a bit chilly for the last of those water rides!!! Labor Day was spent at a family cookout.

School started yesterday and was a morning full of jitters and excitement. My Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween started middle school, rode a school bus for the first time, and wore her first Converse pair of sneakers!!! Big day for her. She came home smiling and talking non-stop about her new locker, schedule, lunch and the latest with each of her friends. Non stop until bed-time. I loved every minute of it!!!

My little baseball guy was excited to walk with his friends, get a routine back in his life and start school. Boys need so much STRUCTURE! He, too, came home smiling but was ready to play baseball in the yard with his friends before I got any scoop. I had to wait until dinner time!

I miss them. I like hanging out with them. I like being spontaneous and deciding at breakfast what we wanted to do that summer day. I liked their crazy hectic sport schedule. I liked playing basktball in the driveway. I liked playing baseball in the backyard. Going to the beach meeting up with friends was fun. Bikeriding around town together and on Cape Cod was always an adventure. Our day trips into Boston were always nice. Family visits up to New Hampshire was always fun. Summer swimming in the pool, lake and ocean was a blast! Our Maine vacation was terrific. Most important, having downtime and fun together as a family and with friends was the best!