Friday, September 11, 2009

Le Boston!

We are Boston bound for the weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary of 16 years!!!! When we honeymooned in France, we made a promise that each anniversary would be celebrated with a French theme. We have kept to that promise over the years with dinners at French restaurants, sips at some wine bars, gifts with some french theme, etc. Many establishments we have enjoyed together over the years.

This year, we decided to stay local. School just started on Tuesday and with all of the excitement and jitters, I wasn't to sure how the first week would go. Mom and Dad travelling far on the first week of school seemed a little selfish to me, so we decided for a weekend in Boston.

I can't tell you how excited I am. We always head into town for day trips with the kids. I go in frequently to shop. Mr. Boston works in town. We attend theatre, go out for dinner, meet friends occcasionally and then head home from a nice evening out. This is a little special. We're spending the whole weekend there. Funny thing, I live about 40 minutes away! Hee-hee!!!!!

I'm looking forward to walking and shopping along Charles Street, Newbury Street, maybe a little run along the Charles River. We are going to see Jersey Boys and I can't wait! Dinner at a french restaurant of course! It will be a lovely weekend celebrating and taking me back to hanging out in the city long before we had children. We have so much to be thankful for; patience and kindness towards each other, our love and friendship, our health, happy and beautiful children.

Enjoy your weekend and spread the word about preppyinnewengland. I'm almost to 100 followers and can't believe it! A very, very nice giveaway is being planned to celebrate!