Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not Your Average Beach Chair!

I've been reading that some of you are heading to the Vineyard or Nantucket this Summer or perhaps heading to another beautiful seacoast. Many of you, including myself, simply love the beach life. Somedays I enjoy sitting by myself to read or catch up on my notecard writing. Other days, I'm headed for the beach with friends and many children in tow! And of course, I cherish the days we go together as a family and the early evenings with a bottle of wine to share with Mr. NE.
I also noticed that many bloggers are planning summer weddings. Well, I think I have a fun suggestion for a wedding present! Beach chairs for the lovely couple from
Made right on the island of Nantucket! Canvas color selection is few, but you can personalize them and choose an embroidery design that is a favorite. Cute feature includes a built in beverage holder with a koozie.! Whether you want to use them on the beach, lake shore, boat deck or your backyard, these are a true New England find!