Sunday, June 14, 2009

About me!

As I read so many different blogs, I discovered I'm also reading about you; your good humor, creativity, sense of style and uncanny skill to hunt for those fabulous preppy finds! Well, I should only repay the kindness and present a little preppiness about myself to you!

I'm a preppy 40ish SAHM to two; Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween and Mr. Baseball Guy (for now, until next sport season) and married to the fab, sometimes preppy, Mr. Boston! I love the crazy life I'm in right now juggling their school life, my school volunteering (just two more days!) , their sports, music and theatre interests in true preppy style of course; navy, kelly, pink, and madras.

I love my children's friends, and their play time together! In between that, I manage to happily jaunt off to my manicure and pedicure appointments for that fab massage chair....(ahhh!!!)

As for me and Mr. Boston, we love great conversation over dinner together or with friends locally or in Boston. We have fun playing golf together..(well I think he does!) we enjoy the theatre, and spending time with our children. Watching baseball and rooting for the Red Sox is a huge summer past-time with the occasional treat to attend Fenway Park! We love our family beach time during the day and early evening wind downs with other families. Nothing like summer drinks and fun appetizers at the beach watching the sun set! We love our evenings on the deck watching the children play! Mr. Boston likes to cook and yes, I'll admit, sometimes, he is better than me...(gasp!!!!) We love to do day trips, and plan vacations visiting family or new places.
My little ones are well, not so little anymore. (...sigh...)So many blog sites dedicated to that stage and I truly miss that. I'm now in the middle of the "tween scene" with my oldest. Challenging yes, but fun! My youngest is my little baseball guy!
We love New England and I hope to share some great things about this beautiful place with all of you. Thank you for reading and thank you to those who started following me. It's so much fun to click on "Followers" to discover someone new and from what area they are writing from!