Friday, August 14, 2009

A Good Part of My Summer-Part 2!

My Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween tried a Summer Softball Travel league for the first time. She had such fun learning the game, becoming stronger, sharing laughs and silly times with friends. Competitive, yes. Did they do well? Heck no! Did they care? Well, yes, because the girls' tried and gave it their all, but in the end, it was all about putting on a uniform, getting out there with friends and just playing a summer-time game and having a good time! I am so proud she did this and kept it all in stride.
Now basketball is a different story for her. This is her passion. Practicing in the driveway with her Dad, and participating in summer camps was a highlight this summer. She loves it. Watching her dribble and do lay-ups in the driveway every day is a fav past-time for me. I marvel at her ability and determination.
I love how girl's have so many sporting opportunities today; from simple programs offered through town recreation dept.'s to organized clinics. It encourages the girls to become more confident in themselves, have better eating habits and organizational skills, better self esteem and have fun sharing a sport with their friends.
Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween also loves the piano. No, a Lilly pink piano just won't work in our home!! (hee-hee!). Begging her to practice, I never have. This is a creative outlet. She truly enjoys playing every day and expresses that to us. Neither myself or Mr. Boston are musically inclined, so when we started her with lessons, it was assumed to be short-lived. Surprise, surprise. And...well now it has reached a different level of instruction (and of course, a more costly one!). Oh well, we just can't refuse musical instruction if there is great interest, and so we just have to do without some other wants!
So there you have it, softball practice and games, basketball camp and weekly piano lessons for Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween's summer.
Part 3 to be posted shortly, but I'm getting ready for next week's vacation in Maine.
I'm also thinking about my first giveaway when I reach 100 followers...hint, hint, hint!!!!!


  1. Hello, I really wanted to leave you a comment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. You have some great pictures too.

    Thank you for sharing your writing and pics - very generous !!

  2. so glad that she likes that sport and practices with her dad- two very positive and important things in a young girl's life and building of her self esteem!


  3. A trip to Maine sounds lovely!! And how great your mini has so many interests that are so diverse! Don't forget to head over for my 100 follower giveaway!

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment!!!