Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Good Part of My Summer!-Part 1

I realized I haven't posted much about my family on my blog which truly was not intentional. I have so enjoyed blogging about the fun, preppy items I have or fun items I have discovered, but I also wanted to use this blog to share some of my family's adventures. So, I decided I need to mix this blog up a bit! A little variety, know!

So why not start with the activities that have consumed most of my summer (part 1)! No, not the Boston Red Sox, but my little baseball guy's Summer Travel Baseball season. Due to the rainy weather early on, games and practices had been cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled and rescheduled again. Crazy, crazy times! I soon became this Mother pulling by little baseball guy early from the beach or play only to say, "you need to rest before the game"! What?!!!
Very light meals were prepared "before the game"and "after the game" soon became sub and pizza nights! What?!!! Big wins or good games became rewarded with ice cream! What?!!! I couldn't treat my little little guy to ice cream just because the team lost?....Just kidding!

I really have to say, despite all the running around, schedule changes, carpooling, not the best of meals on game days, my little guy's passion for baseball is precious to me! I will always cherish the memories of watching him out the window while he was deep in thought of "pretending" to be a major league baseball player in our back yard. Watching him practice swinging with the bat and checking out his muscles is priceless, watching him throw balls in the air to catch or run and dive and roll in the grass throwing his arm up with the ball inside the glove and the biggest smile on his face is priceless, hearing him talk to himself calling out as if he was an umpire is priceless. Many times I joined him, batting the ball so he could run and catch, or go for grounders. Hmph! I must have been pretty good because he would ask me to play! Many days, a friend would come to play and they would practice. Mr. Boston would take him to the town field and batting cages to practice.

The games were exciting and fun as well as heartbreaking at times. These little boys tried so hard. They were very good, some better than others, but they held it together as a team, did well and had fun. My little baseball guy learned a lot; from his Dad, his coaches, his teammates.
Oh who knows, maybe he learned something from me throughout all of this too! I need just a smidgen of credit since I did all the driving!!!!!

But most important, my little baseball guy was laughing in that dugout, goofing with his buddies but "no nonsense" out in that field! My little baseball guy was helpful and responsible; making sure his uniform was always ready, making sure his bat bag was together and he had enough water! He was always ready to go to practice or a game, never complaining, never tiring of baseball. The season ended with a loss to the #1 team in the league in playoffs.
That's ok, my baseball guy's season ended as a better player, a smarter player, a happy player to have shared this with his family, a player who wants to come back to the field next summer...ready!


  1. Baseball is such a fun part of summer! How lucky your little player is to have such a supportive mama!

  2. Baseball is the essence of summer and I'm sure your little guy and you with look back this summer with fond memories!

  3. I just love trucking around to my kids sporting events. Even though it's a lot of work, it will be such great memories for them growing up.