Thursday, June 11, 2009

Berry Bowl!

...and in the spirit of strawberry season, a cute little Berry Bowl and Plate from Salmon Falls Stoneware; a salt glaze pottery boutique located in Dover, NH.

I think this makes an adorable hostess gift!

Remember to post your favorite strawberry weakness! Do I hear anyone for strawberry pies, scones, tarts?....mmmmm


  1. What about just fresh strawberries dipped in sugar ;-)

  2. I was just somewhere and someone had one of those - I thought it was so cool!

    Very cute!


  3. Last year a co-worker of mine brought in fresh strawberries along with brown sugar and sour cream. You dip the strawberry in the sour cream and then in the brown sugar, it was really good.

    Thanks for the comment today :)

  4. Love that bowl. Our strawberries are really mushy right now. xo

  5. love that berry bowl- there is just nothing like a summer full of berries in everything, is there :)


  6. Oh sweet strawberries! When I was pregnant I CRAVED cold sweet strawberries! Now my bubba loves them too (on the outside!).