Friday, June 5, 2009

AAAHHH!....The Scents of New England

It's not "pink and green" or "kelly and navy", however, close your eyes for a moment,..take a deep breath,...try to concentrate on the scent of: ...

-blueberries in Maine
-balsam trees in New Hampshire
-maple sugar of Vermont
-cranberry bogs in Massachusetts
-Rhode Island's ocean
-nutmeg of Connecticut

These are scents reminiscent of each New England state and offered as a soap gift set made at New England's Pelle Dolce Soaps,
I think this makes for a cute hostess gift if you are visiting and staying with friends or family in New England or the Islands this summer. Individual state or island soap bars are available too.
How cute are these for a guestroom or guest bathroom! I'll let you hunt for the preppy soap dish!
-A New England Find.


  1. Those are just adorable. Great idea for the hostess gift!

  2. That's a must have for my guest bath. Too cute!

  3. you are sweet- love that our blogs ran across each other! this is a great post- totally slowed me down and made me think of the fab' smells :)

    happy weekend


  4. What a cute gift idea! Or maybe just for me! ha ha..

    LOVE New England!