Friday, September 7, 2012

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yankee Magazine

...While the kids were sledding this afternoon, and after I spent a good part of the day "deep cleaning" from the sparce remains of a wonderful holiday season...I took "time out" for myself. I did this exactly at the moment when the sun was at it's peak, shining so brightly between the shutters in my living room. With a cup of tea and my legs propped on the ottoman, I escaped into the wintery fest of true New England.

It was bitter cold today, and I had every intention of walking...(Honest!) but I just couldn't resist "my time", my sunny living room, my "clean" living room, and catching up with one of my favorite preppy magazines; Yankee Magazine.

Tell me what's your favorite preppy magazine?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Wrapped up" in New England!

Get "wrapped up" in New England......with of course!

Check out these gorgeous scarves in both a New England and Cape Cod map design! Love it! And so many fun ways to wear the scarf; around the neck, as a waist wrap, headband or tied to your favorite totebag. Even better, view the Talbots tutorial on how to tie the scarves!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

U-Pick Strawberries at oldest farm

In honor of the beginning of strawberry season in New England, I thought I would share a little about one of the oldest working farms in the United States; Lookout Farm in Natick, Massachusetts.

Located west of Boston, Minister John Eliot and a group of settlers paddled down the famous Charles River in canoes and made their home along the shores of the river. This group later established the farm in 1650.

Eliot and his community were friendly with the Native Americans who inhabited the area, which was known to them as “the place of the hills.” Today, this “place” is Lookout Farm.

And what a place it is! From strawberries, peaches, pears, to an abundance of apples and pumpkins in the Fall, this is the place for family fun. They have a fabulous garden center, animals for the kids, a burlap maze, and this adorable little train that takes you around the acres and acres of farm land on a hill.

If you live in the area, it's a fabulous day trip for the family. And if you are visiting, be sure to check it out!
U-pick strawberry season is open!
- A New England find.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Strawberry Stem Gem!

Well after a great weekend kick-off to the start of summer,
New England is also celebrating the beginning of Strawberry season!
Before you start slicing and dicing your strawberries for your fav dish today, take a look at this adorable little strawberry tool; the Stem Gem!

Such a cute little tool to remove the strawberry stems easily AND neatly so that the strawberries look whole in your selected dish! I know when I cut mine, I always feel that half of the berry is wasted because I cut too much off from the stem.

Just $7.95 from Stonewall Kitchen - A New England Find

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Wrapping" ahead for Spring!


Spring is, well, almost here and TOP IT OFF is excited to announce their NEW preppy cotton cable knit wrap that can be worn 8 ways for 1 great price!
These wraps are just adorable to throw over a pair of jeans, casual pant or skirt. Perfect for a day shopping or lunching with the ladies! I like how it is offered in sizes for little girls and tweens as well. They come in such pretty colors and can be monogrammed too!
topitoffaccessories - A New England Find

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Preppy Style

Well here is a great boutique in Connecticut featuring the most preppiest of styles in pajama and casual lounge wear.

The colors and trellis pattern designs are vibrant and so, so pretty. The pant set is adorable and looks so comfy to wear after a long day when you want to settle with a good book and glass of wine in front of the fireplace.
But, what really caught my eye was the good old fashioned "housecoat"!
Yes, remember the ones our grandmothers wore and perhaps our mom's did as well in the
stylish sixties era? These, however, are not your average housecoats! They are fun, preppy, and perfect to wear over the short gown or perhaps with a pair of yoga or lounge pants. I just love that you can throw it on and look so fab in the early morning hours while seeing husband off to work, making lunches and sending kids to school all while looking so preppy in that kitchen! What a way to start the day!
-A New England Find